The Complete Security System

The first and the best: Concept Smoke Screen continues to lead the field decades after they were responsible for the invention of the first smoke generating machine system. What was once a 240-volt smoke machine connected to a basic alarm system protecting gold bullion vaults has evolved into a global phenomenon that has revolutionized the security industry. Our understanding of techniques, materials and technology, coupled with our extensive research into a range of criminal methods, makes us leading experts in the field and the best choice to protect your interests.

Our factories provide facilities for the production of tailor-made security machines for a range of training, simulation and security applications.

You can always rely on a Smoke Screen engineer, as we ensure they are trained to the very highest standards in installation and maintenance. They are happy to provide expert advice on any aspect of security and crime prevention and are the best at what they do.

Our engineers and technical support staff are just a phone call away. They are always available to provide expert assistance and advice about security issues, and you can trust our after-sales care service to see you through the whole process.

If you already have a security system installed that you don't want to remove, don't worry. Our Smoke Screens are designed to be compatible with any number of other security systems and we specialize in integrating our technologies with whatever set-up you currently have in place.