Security Smoke Solutions

Concept Smoke Screen generators are incredibly effective security fogging systems that offer solutions to a wide variety of criminal threats facing businesses and individuals on a daily basis. In the event of an attack, the system fills the area with dense but harmless smoke that confuses and debilitates intruders and protects you and your property. We are very proud of the design, manufacture and installation of our market-leading systems, so you know with Concept Smoke Screen you'll always get the very best.

The FBI reported an estimated 9,063,173 property offenses in the US in 2011, with a total loss of around $15.6 billion. Don't be the next victim! Call us today for a free quote 22 6700 0674

Complete Security Systems

Smoke Screen systems generate a thick, impenetrable and persistent smoke that does no damage to your property and is perfectly safe to breathe. The smoke will obscure the vision of any intruders or attackers, making it essentially impossible for them to continue with their attack. Our Smoke Screens will never leave a residue behind, which means you can get back to business straightaway. Our top-of-the-range technology is among the most effective on the market, so if you want the best for yourself and your business, better call Concept Smoke Screen.

Installation and Service

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"We never under specify on a job. Once our specialist installers leave your premises (in pristine condition) you can rest assured that you’re fully protected."

Matt Gilmartin, Sales Director

"Twenty Smoke Screen units have been installed, protecting offices, computers and server rooms. Smoke Screen has been installed for over ten years. In that time, we have not suffered a single loss at this site."

★★★★★ 5/5 Arla Foods

IFSEC awards

Our multi award winning products and service has given us the reputation of world leaders in security smoke.