Protection for the warehouse and logistics sector

We provide effective smoke security even for large sites.

  • The uniformly small particle size produced by our generators means they lead the market in efficiency and affectivity. They are able to produce more smoke from less fluid, making them the ideal solution for large spaces.
  • Our unique glycerin fluid blend generates smoke that is denser and more persistent than the average security fog, making it harder for intruders to return to the scene.
  • Our generators produce smoke for longer than alternative security smoke systems, so they can fill large spaces in a single activation and continue to be cost-effective.

Warehouses are often attacked by large criminal gangs looking to get away with a big haul, meaning warehouse security has never been more vital.

Entrance point security is not enough to deter the more tenacious criminals, who won't hesitate to drive a JCB or truck straight through your warehouse walls. Stop them in their tracks with a Smoke Screen system so they never have the chance to take your valuable stock.

Smoke Screen generators can save you money by filling large warehouse and storage spaces more effectively than alternative systems. The smoke will conceal high risk items before spreading to fill the remaining area.

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