A track record of creativity, expertise and success

Since we used our engineering excellence to develop the world's first security Smoke Screen four decades ago, we've taken the industry by storm. Our innovative designs have taken an unknown concept and transformed it into one of the most effective security systems available. Today, we have prevented the loss of many millions of dollars in goods, cash and property, and we are continuing to bring peace of mind to more and more people every day.

The basic principles of our designs haven't changed: we aim to reduce crime and prevent personal loss and injury. But over the years crime has evolved, so we work hard to stay one step ahead. Smoke Screen systems are diverse and versatile, protecting you from a wide range of threats from larceny-theft and property damage to violent assault and armed raids.

We've kept up to speed with all the latest in scientific and engineering developments, incorporating new features into our designs all the time. Recently, we've added real-time IP monitoring and developed partnerships with forensic tagging providers. These new features mean that no matter how smart the criminal might be, our Smoke Screens are always smarter.

The security smoke industry has become highly competitive in recent years as other companies develop their own brands. But we remain pioneers in this field and continue to lead the market with new innovations based on an unrivalled understanding of security threats, research and demand. We were the first to produce a totally portable, stand-alone generator (Rapid Deploy), and the first (and currently only) company to integrate completely every aspect of our generator technology with Physical Security Information Management systems.

We do everything we can to ensure that our products are of the highest possible quality. As the competition continues to grow, we remain resolute: we don't imitate, we innovate. We guarantee that our Smoke Screens meet the highest standards in research, design, manufacture, engineering and value for money.

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