Engineering at its finest

We pride ourselves on being world-leaders in engineering and security and all of our system components undergo rigorous testing procedures to ensure they meet exacting standards.

We are also leaders in industrial systems and fire training solutions, and our expertise in a wide range of security issues gives us the edge over our competitors. Our Smoke Screen systems are used by a range of prominent clients worldwide to protect many millions of dollars worth of important property. Our generators are used by the Atomic Energy Authority and the United States Air Force, as well as fire departments, training centers, leak testing companies, special effects studios and countless other businesses worldwide.

To find out more about our depth of knowledge and engineering expertise, visit Concept Smoke Screen Systems for a tour of our facilities.

Strong as Steel

At the heart of every Smoke Screen generator is the steel heater block.

We use steel for this component for a number of reasons.

Steel retains heat better than many other metals, meaning our Smoke Screen generators can produce more persistent smoke and explosive bursts, fire for longer, cut down lag time between activations, are more energy-efficient and reliable, and are drier, safer and have smaller smoke particles. Our steel blocks are precision engineered to the highest standards to eliminate the risks of fracturing that often affect aluminum blocks in other smoke systems.

Our 'high watt density' cartridge heaters are able to raise and maintain the steel block temperature quickly and effortlessly, making our heating blocks among the most energy-efficient on the market. Our PCBs also include an energy-saving mode as standard in all new machines, so you can keep your costs right down.

Lower-rated heaters may be dubbed 'Greener', but because they take longer to reach their top temperature they actually use more energy overall than Smoke Screen heating components.