Perfect for Workspace and Server Rooms

Offices make tempting targets for criminals as they are often full of valuable equipment and customer data. Smoke Screen systems are ideal for protecting office spaces.

  • Keep your data and trade secrets safe and prevent loss of important hardware.
  • Smoke Screen systems can be used in any size office.
  • Because they leave no residue behind, there is no cleaning up to do. Our smoke is guaranteed to do no damage to your property.

Office security is often overlooked because emphasis is placed on protecting retail spaces and warehouses. But offices contain a lot of valuable equipment that's vital to the running of your business and data that belongs to your customers. Keep them protected.

Undoing the damage of an office raid can take a lot of time and ultimately cost you more than the value of the property that was stolen.

A Smoke Screen system can provide instant protection and prevent raids from becoming costly and delaying your schedules. Our range of specialized products allows us to tailor a security solution that perfectly suits your type of business and size of office.

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